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IT attacks on critical infrastructures are increasing. Ransomware encrypts patient data in the clinic. Blackmailing software spreads via e-mail. The headlines on IT security are piling up.

Every company is the target of at least one cyber attack every day. Protection against attacks is therefore more important than ever. Thereby security in IT is a matter of trust. aipi discreetly takes care of the protection of your data, of the permanent monitoring of your IT infrastructure. That is why we do not name any references of our daily work here.

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Review your security concept:


How quickly can you recover your data in the event of a hardware failure or software error? How long would the operation be interrupted? Do you back up your data to another location to be protected against fire, water, theft or vandalism? How long do you keep your backup copies? Do you regularly test the backups for functionality? Do you monitor the availability and hardware errors of your data carriers? What is the availability of your Internet connection for cloud services, is there a redundant access to the Internet? Are the mail servers you use redundant, do you use several providers for DNS? How is your website, your online shop secured and how fast are they back online in case of failures?


Who has access to your systems in the company? Is there a documentation of access authorisations? Are accesses to your systems logged? Do you encrypt your e-mail communication? Do you access your company network via the Internet without encryption? How and where do you store your passwords?


Are your systems sufficiently protected against manipulation by third parties or software? Do you regularly check your systems for changes? Do you use DNSSEC to protect DNS queries? Do you access applications on the Internet without encryption? Can your website, your online shop still be used without encryption? Are the access rights to your data documented in the company? Are changes to data logged?


Do you use self-validated or officially issued certificates for e-mail or web services? How do you check who you are communicating with? Do you use DNSSEC/DANE for your mail servers? Do you allow any certification authority to issue certificates for your domain?

aipi supports you in questions concerning the security of your IT. Benefit from more than 25 years of experience in Internet and communication. Please contact us!


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